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Character Sketches Part 4: Ewing

This sketch is of Ewing, Briona’s father.  He is the oldest main character, I don’t say exactly how old he is, but he’s in his fifties. I hope you enjoy it.  Three more to go, and then I’ll have to come up with some more stuff to share with you.  Maybe some history. We’ll see.

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Character Sketches Part 3: Gurion and Jarek

This time you get two for the price of one.  Since these characters are brothers, I thought it only fitting to put them together.  So here they are, in all of their wordified glory. P.S. Since Tim hasn’t posted anything in a while, everyone who reads this should bug him to do something, lest we forget him.

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Character Sketches Part 2: Eshban

As promised, here is another character sketch. This one is for Eshban, a half-elf.  I’ll explain what exactly that means in terms of my novel later on. Maybe.  If I’m feeling generous and I’ve had enough donuts recently.  This one’s a little longer, but still in the 300-400 word range.  Enjoy.

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Character Sketches Part 1: Briona

After much procrastination and no small amount of soul searching, I have decided to write and post character sketches for the principle characters in my novel: Armorbearer. What follows is the first of eight sketches that I’m hoping will average around 300 words each and inform you curious denizens of the internet about the types of people in my novel.

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