Character Sketches Part 2: Eshban

As promised, here is another character sketch. This one is for Eshban, a half-elf.  I’ll explain what exactly that means in terms of my novel later on. Maybe.  If I’m feeling generous and I’ve had enough donuts recently.  This one’s a little longer, but still in the 300-400 word range.  Enjoy.

At first glance, Eshban is just an ordinary man, slightly taller than average. But there is something about him that compels a second glance, and in that second glance you can see that he is nothing close to an ordinary man. The first thing that draws the gaze is his hair; it is a shade of black that is deeper than the darkest jet with a strange glint not unlike the shine of obsidian that disappears whenever you focus on it. The hair is shoulder length, flowing back past the pointed ears that further belie their owner’s uniqueness; not as sharply pointed as an elf’s ears they are still sufficiently alien that once noticed, they cause you to wonder how you could have missed them in the first place. Once the fact of his ears is registered, the mind immediately jumps to the odd tone of his skin. This difference is more subtle than the others, but present nonetheless. What at first appears to be a tanned complexion shows itself to be in actuality a dark color just below the skin that taints the pale pigmentation above it. Eshban bears himself with quiet, determined dignity, filling out his simple garments with the posture of one who is destined for more worthy surroundings, without casting aspersion on his present circumstances. His eyes are the last thing to be noticed, probably because he avoids making eye contact, instead his eyes are in constant motion, taking in all of his surroundings bit by bit, studying and cataloging everything. But once you meet his gaze, you forget about everything else. His eyes are full of a tortured longing, a secret grieving that cannot be spoken but must be borne in silent penance for some unknown crime. But there is another quality there as well, a sense of duty and protection for those who are less able and for the oppressed. The color of the eyes is not important, the depth of the soul that looks out from them diminishes such trivial things as appearance to nothingness; but once you look away, you are left with the impression that they were gold. After this second glace, you see Eshban as he really is, extraordinary and mysterious, a benevolent force in conflict with an inner darkness that cannot be fully explained or destroyed, but must simply be continually subdued and overcome. 


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