Character Sketches Part 3: Gurion and Jarek

This time you get two for the price of one.  Since these characters are brothers, I thought it only fitting to put them together.  So here they are, in all of their wordified glory. P.S. Since Tim hasn’t posted anything in a while, everyone who reads this should bug him to do something, lest we forget him.

Like two swords forged by the same smith for different purposes, Gurion and his brother Jarek are similar but different. The older, Gurion is dark and handsome with a head of thick hair the color of ebony and brown eyes set in a stern face with creases belying the laughter that could come gushing forth at the slightest provocation from his brother. Jarek is as light as Gurion is dark, and equally handsome. His blond hair sweeps down across his jovial face, partially covering his bright blue eyes. Both men are average in height, with a strong, light build that so often accompanies a certain lithe grace like that of a dancer or acrobat. The fierce loyalty and love the brothers have for each other is an almost visible force that connects them even more than their physical similarities. In spite of the very different hair colors, the brother’s features are very similar. Both have strong, square jaws and very straight, tower-like noses. Gurion has a thin beard and Jarek has an almost perpetual scruff of light whiskers. Gurion being the eldest and more experienced is the de facto leader when it comes to things of import, but Jarek is the first one to engage in and instigate merriment and hi-jinks  Ever since they were boys, they were inseparable, sword brothers as well as blood brothers, and any would-be bullies quickly learned not to mess with the duo. Their garments are functional, but not aesthetically unpleasing, bringing to mind the garb of learned hunters as interpreted by a high-end tailor. When you see one of the brothers on his own there is a sense of incompleteness that can function on its own, but does better when combined with the missing element. Two garments cut from the same cloth, but unique and complementary in purpose, that is Gurion and Jarek.


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