Character Sketches Part 4: Ewing

This sketch is of Ewing, Briona’s father.  He is the oldest main character, I don’t say exactly how old he is, but he’s in his fifties. I hope you enjoy it.  Three more to go, and then I’ll have to come up with some more stuff to share with you.  Maybe some history. We’ll see.

Ewing is a man who seems at once older and younger than he truly is. His visage is careworn and his hair gray from the trials of many years devoted to causes bigger than him, but his eyes still burn with the fanatic passion of a man half his age; a man in the grip of a vision that transcends limitations of body and means, a mission that will be accomplished one way or another, for good or ill. Always a passionate man, he has mellowed only a little with age. Despite the tiredness that you can sometimes see in the corners of his eyes, Ewing carries himself with an energy that could exhaust you just by being in its presence, but instead invigorates you to join in. His strong, toned arms are criss-crossed with scars from numerous battles and brawls, tanned from long exposure to the elements. His modest clothing hangs carelessly from his large frame as a kind of afterthought, secondary to the man within. His passionate eyes are a deep green, and the stubble that occasionally develops into a rough beard shows traces that it once was a fiery red. His mane of gray hair is wild and unruly, like that of a grizzled old lion. That is the best way to describe Ewing: an old lion who is almost still as strong as he was in his prime and fiercely devoted to his family and cause. He is a sage, a rare breed of warrior who survives long enough to pass on his knowledge to the next generation, and he remains the most ferocious fighter you could ever have the misfortune of facing or the benefit of having on your side.


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