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Character Sketches Part 8: Character Music (Bonus Post)

As I have been writing these character sketches, I have made it a point to listen to one album for each, or in the case of Gurion and Jarek, two halves. It may be of benefit to your perception/enjoyment of these sketches to know what the theme music was for each of them. Or it may not affect you at all. If that is the case, feel free to disregard this post. If you are interested in music, however, here is a list of the characters and the “theme music” if you will that I used for each.

1: Briona: Heaven and Earth by Phil Wickham

2: Eshban: Phoenix by Classic Crime

3: Gurion: Cearcas Blancas EP by Needtobreathe

4: Jarek: Forget and Not Slow Down by reliantK

5: Ewing: Oh! Gravity. by Switchfoot

6: Nokomis: X and Y, by Coldplay

7: Ruana: Welcome to the Masquerade, by Thousand Foot Krutch

8: Boden: We Need Each Other, by Sanctus Real


Character Sketches Part 7: Boden

At long last, we have arrived at my main character for Armorbearer: Boden. Now I want to issue a challenge. If any of you are artistically inclined, and you want to make a drawing or other sort of graphic rendering of a character or characters, send me an e-mail or otherwise deliver the pictures to me. My favorites will receive a special short story, poem, or other written thing of your choice, within reason and as time allows. For now, enjoy my final sketch.

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Character Sketches Part 6: Ruana

In this¬†penultimate installment of my character sketches, I present to you, Ruana. I have my last one written too, but I won’t be posting it until Monday because Tim has asked me not to show him up too much. Without further ado, Ruana.

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Character Sketches Part 5: Nokomis

So here is the sixth character, the fifth sketch. He is a Gribthyn which is an original fantasy race invented by yours truly. ¬†If you’re lucky and/or I feel generous I’ll write a post about them sometime. For now, I am pleased to present Nokomis for your reading pleasure.

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