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Aldaeus Project Update

July was a long, quiet month here on Newton & Newton, Inc. as Andrew and I toiled away on the first draft of Aldaeus, but now that August is almost upon us it’s time we filled you in on the details of what we’ve been doing this month and what we plan to do going forward.

Originally Andrew and I had intended to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo with a combined goal of 70,000 words, but about halfway to that milestone we realized that our stories were beginning to intertwine more quickly and tightly than we had expected.  With him in Michigan and me in Chicago we found it increasingly difficult to move the plot further forward without contradicting one another, so rather than stress over word counts we’ve shifted our focus onto editing what we have so far and working out background and history details.

Fortunately, I’m moving back to Michigan in just a few short weeks, so Andrew and I can carry on with our collaboration soon enough.  In the meantime, we have enough raw material from July for several chapters, and there’s plenty of background story and outlining we can work with to keep our momentum strong, so we’re still on track to launch the story with Andrew’s first chapter before the end of August as planned.

Now that you’re caught up on where we stand today, here’s what you can expect to see from us in the month ahead:

  • Character sketches for the members of Daniel’s crew
  • A feature on the origins and evolution of Aldaeus
  • An official launch date announcement
  • A brief history of the Alpha Centauri revolution

Thank you so much for reading and supporting Andrew and me in our first big creative endeavor, and I hope you enjoy Aldaeus even more than we’ve enjoyed writing it.  Stay tuned!


Character Sketch: Daniel Reese

Thirty years ago, Daniel Reese watched his parents die.  At five years old, he didn’t really understand why they were gone so much, or why their house was always full of somber, strange adults, or why they never stayed in one place for long, but that day he understood one thing: his parents were gone for good, and the men in red and white had taken them from him.

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