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Aldaeus Entry #3: Homecoming

The trip from Betelgeuse to Sol is long and boring. Even with the dark matter drive allowing the ship to reach the respectable speed of 7C, it took Betelgeuse Spaceways Flight 497 the better part of a fortnight to reach the Neil Armstrong Interstellar Spaceport in the Sea of Tranquility. Two weeks is an interminable amount of time to spend aboard a starliner in the best of circumstances.  For Sean it was pure torture. He spent endless days and sleepless nights trying to find something, anything to distract himself from the thought of what was waiting for him at the end of his voyage. But his mind stubbornly returned to those thoughts again and again, refusing to dwell on anything else. Read More…


Aldaeus Entry #2: Rendezvous

Waiting has its own particular silence. The Triumph’s engines muttered idly, her circuits and systems clicked and whirred in the panels and the walls and her crew breathed with the slow, shallow rhythm of anticipation, but the sounds joined together to form a pattern that was less than the sum of its parts – a blanket of white noise as quiet and still as the space in which the ship floated, motionless and alone.

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Aldaeus Entry #1: Harbinger

It has been a long, exciting journey so far and it is far from over, but I am pleased to begin sharing it with you. Here for your reading pleasure — or displeasure, but hopefully the former — is the preliminary post of our serial presentation of Aldaeus. Enjoy

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The Post Before the Post

So, Tim promised you a bonus post from me, and I have been trying to find time to put it up, but due to a crazy work schedule here we are at launch day. So today you get a preview post before I put up the first story segment. I wrote some dossier-style crew files for the Gwendolyn, the main ship in O’Ryan Deep Space Salvage’s fleet. Here you go, the story will begin shortly.

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The Family Business – A Story About a Story

It’s strange, writing a story that’s older than I am, but I guess that’s the sort of thing that happens when storytelling runs in your family.  My dad loves to dream up scenarios and characters and new worlds, but he rarely finds time to write any of it down, so after more than forty years he’s built up a nearly limitless reservoir of half-finished tales in his head.  And sometimes, when he found a story seed that was really special, one that wouldn’t sit quietly in non-existence, he would pull it up from the depths of his mind and share it with my brothers and me.

Aldaeus was one of the special ones, and it finally found its chance to become a reality in the spring of 2011.  Andrew decided to tackle the Script Frenzy challenge that year, a call to write 100 pages of script during the month of April, and as he began to brainstorm ideas for his script Dad mentioned that he had a story that might fit the bill.  He told Andrew about a young man whose life was changed when he discovered the first clues to an incredible secret in his late grandfather’s will, and as soon as Andrew heard it he knew he wanted to bring it to life.  He offered me the chance to co-author the story then, too, but after about thirty minutes of flailing about for ideas I determined that I wasn’t cut out for the screenwriting life and left him to develop the first draft of Aldaeus himself.

Andrew worked hard on his script that month, adding layers and characters and subplots to the skeleton of Dad’s tale and eventually reaching his 100-page goal, but once April ended it seemed like that would be the end of Sean O’Ryan’s story.  We don’t exactly know anyone with the resources to film a sci-fi TV series pilot, so with the challenge complete and more pressing tasks at hand Andrew consigned Aldaeus to a little space in the corner of his hard drive and the back of his mind for two years.

The story stuck with Andrew, though, just like it had with Dad, and he felt an urge to bring it back, to tell it again in a way that would really do it justice.  Shortly after we started Newton & Newton, Inc. he approached me with another chance to make this story a real family affair.  This time it would take the shape of a novel, my home turf.  Better yet, it would be a serial, something I’ve always wanted to try.  He told me the story again, this time stronger and richer with all the details he’d added since Dad had bequeathed it to him, and this time it slowly drew me in.  At first it felt like Andrew’s and Dad’s story, not mine, and I wondered if I’d be able to invest myself in it as fully as it deserved.  Then we split the story down the center and Andrew introduced me to my main character, Daniel.  His story was largely unwritten, his world a blank slate, and as I filled his life with background and foreshadowing and friends and enemies and purpose there was no question about it – Aldaeus was my story, too.

Now, the story about a boy inheriting the family business is a family affair, and after begging to be written for longer than I’ve been alive it’s finally found its way out into the world at large.  We can’t wait for you to meet it.

Aldaeus Launch Date

Ladies and gentlemen, set your calendars, tell your clocks, mark your friends! The Brothers Newton are pleased to announce the launch date for our serial sci-fi novel, Aldaeus.  Andrew will post the first entry on Monday, August 12th, and new entries will follow every Monday thereafter.  Keep your eyes open for bonus material between now and Monday, and we hope you’ll join us on the big day as we start off on this storytelling adventure.  We can’t wait to share it with you!