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In all my time as the governor of this stiff-necked, rebellious people, I had never questioned any of my decisions. I didn’t have to worry about inconvenient things like truth. Caesar was god and his word was law, that was all I┬áneeded.┬áTruth was irrelevant, except for when it strengthened the law or when it could be bent to serve our purpose. Until the day they brought me their king to have him executed. Read More…


Update: Life Changes

Hello, Internet, Andrew here. As some of you may have noticed/gleaned from social media, Tim is in the midst of moving and as such hasn’t had time to work on Aldaeus like he would like to. Because of this, we have made the decision that rather than unbalance the story by my continued posting we will be taking a brief hiatus while he gets settled in his new digs. Hopefully we will resume updating within the next couple of weeks, beginning with entry 12. Thank you for your indulgence and your continued interest in our story, we are super excited for where this is going.

I love you all. Except you. Yes you. You know who you are.

-Andrew Newton

P.S. Tim speaking. Along with all of the moving and job-hunting and such, I’ve been trying to find a way to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. I’ve considered using the month to add a huge chunk to Aldaeus, but as many have learned before me it is not advisable to write so much so quickly on a project where quality matters. I still want to write something for NaNo and I haven’t had a chance to write freely on a story that no one but me has to see in far too long, so I’m going to take the rest of the month to write a different story entirely and return to Aldaeus (hopefully refreshed) at the beginning of December. Expect entry #12 on December 6th, and we’ll return to our weekly schedule immediately after that. Thank you so much for your patience, and for all of your kind words and regular visits. You’re a wonderful audience.

– Tim N.