Story Update!

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m just writing a quick blurb to let you know that The Crossover Alliance Anthology Vol. 4: Monsters is now available! It features my short story, “The Absolution of Oblivion,” alongside the stories of several other talented writers. I am so excited to be able to share this anthology with you, and I think you’ll find it quite enjoyable if you like to read things that are on the creepy side. Even if that isn’t your usual cup of tea, I still hope you’ll check it out, because you may be surprised by what you find in this new collection. You can find it here in e-book format, and it will be coming in print in the next month or so. Have fun today everyone, and be safe!


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About Armorbearer

I am a freelance editor who recent graduated from Grand Valley State University, and I live in majestic Michigan with my wonderful wife. I love English and Philosophy and am working on becoming a writer/editor/professor/something else equally awesome. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and a lover of stories in all shapes and forms.

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