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Short Story Spring – Tale #1: Twilight’s Journal, Nov. 11

My first short story is a response to a challenge from a good friend of mine who goes by the handle @oporst on Twitter.  He tasked me to go head to head with him, each of us writing a short story in the form of an unassuming journal entry which contains a layer of meaning deeper than what the words themselves initially convey.  Since we’re both bronies, he added a twist: the story must be written from the perspective of one of the Mane 6, the central characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  I chose Twilight Sparkle as my subject, and after quite a bit of tweaking and attempted subtlety, here is my entry.  I hope you enjoy it.

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Short Story Spring

Over on Singular Spectrum, the blog that I co-author with my friends Adam and Adam, I started a somewhat overly ambitious project titled “March of the Short Stories” in which I aimed to write fifteen short stories during the month of March.  I’ve since realized that short stories are not as quick and easy to write as I’d assumed, so I’m relocating and renovating the project to a new home here at Newton & Newton, Inc. and a new name: Short Story Spring.  I’m still aiming to pen fifteen tales, but the deadline is extended until the end of May.  The first story should be transferred over soon, and there will be many more to follow as spring marches on.  I’m always looking for prompts and inspiration, so if you’ve got an idea for a story seed that you’d be willing to let me adopt I’d be glad to hear it.  Here’s to a great spring!