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March Miscellany (Catching up)

Did it seem like February just flew by to anyone else? And here we are, already a week into March! Faithful readers will remember that I asked you all for input back in January about which creative project I should work on next. Don’t worry, I have not fogotten about it, and I will fill you in on the results of that poll below. What I’ve decided to do for this post is a rapid-fire recap of what I’ve been up to and a look ahead to what I’ll be working on in the weeks and months to come. If that sounds good to you, then let’s get to it! (If that doesn’t sound good to you, too bad, I’m gonna do it anyway.) Read More…


In Which I Talk About My Dislike For New Year’s Resolutions (and then make one anyway)

Hello again, everyone. It has been quite the crazy six months since I last checked in with you. Between my new job and one of the busiest semesters of school yet, 2016 ended in a furious avalanche of activity. With all the craziness, there were many things I wished I could have done last year that never materialized. And so, of course, as the new year gets started, my thoughts naturally turn to what I want to accomplish in this year to come. I never liked New Year’s resolutions. It seems like we always just point out the things we wanted to do last year and failed to do, then we say “This year for sure!” At least for me, this never actually develops into any real results, and only serves to further disappoint me when I realize that I failed once again. The problem with the whole resolution game is the fact that it is just that: a game. A game that we play every year to help us put our wishes into words. But it stops there. Just wishing doesn’t do any good. As the old saying goes, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Read More…

A Change in the Change in Direction (But this time for reals)

As some of the more astute readers out there may or may not have realized, it has been approximately a million and a half years since we have updated this blog. The simple fact of the matter is that life got busy and we decided to let it slide.

Lately, however, I’ve been wanting something to help push me to write on a semi-consistent basis, and I thought back to the halcyon days of yore and decided to give this whole blog thing another go. Tim won’t be joining me on this outing, but I may be able to convince him to pop in for a guest post or two from time to time. I’m broadening the scope of the blog to “whatever pops into my little brain and sticks around long enough for me to want to write a post about it.” There’s no telling what I’ll post from week to week, but you can be guaranteed that it will be 100% fresh certified grade A(ndrew) Newton!

I’m a full time student and a married man so, I’m not going to tie myself to a rigorous, set in stone posting schedule, but I will do my very best to post at least once a week. (And yes, this counts as my post for this week, don’t push it.) So whether you’ve been waiting by your rss feed wondering when we would post another, well, post, or you’ve completely forgotten that we exist, or you’ve never heard of us and you just stumbled onto this blog for the first time, welcome aboard Newton and Newton Inc. 2: Highlander Edition. I’m glad to have you with me on this semi-new adventure in writing things on the internet.

UPDATE: Aldaeus Returns

It’s been a while, friends, but the time has come. Things are settling down here in the Newtonsphere, and I’m happy to announce that in two weeks from today, on the 3rd of January, you’ll have a brand new entry of Aldaeus to read. From there, the plan is to keep up with weekly updates straight through to the end of the story, whenever that may be. No more unexpected interruptions and months-long hiatuses. Thanks for you patience and thank you for reading.  Tell your friends, mark your calendars, and we’ll see you back here bright and early next year to carry on the adventure!

Update: Life Changes

Hello, Internet, Andrew here. As some of you may have noticed/gleaned from social media, Tim is in the midst of moving and as such hasn’t had time to work on Aldaeus like he would like to. Because of this, we have made the decision that rather than unbalance the story by my continued posting we will be taking a brief hiatus while he gets settled in his new digs. Hopefully we will resume updating within the next couple of weeks, beginning with entry 12. Thank you for your indulgence and your continued interest in our story, we are super excited for where this is going.

I love you all. Except you. Yes you. You know who you are.

-Andrew Newton

P.S. Tim speaking. Along with all of the moving and job-hunting and such, I’ve been trying to find a way to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. I’ve considered using the month to add a huge chunk to Aldaeus, but as many have learned before me it is not advisable to write so much so quickly on a project where quality matters. I still want to write something for NaNo and I haven’t had a chance to write freely on a story that no one but me has to see in far too long, so I’m going to take the rest of the month to write a different story entirely and return to Aldaeus (hopefully refreshed) at the beginning of December. Expect entry #12 on December 6th, and we’ll return to our weekly schedule immediately after that. Thank you so much for your patience, and for all of your kind words and regular visits. You’re a wonderful audience.

– Tim N.

UPDATE: Schedule change

Andrew and I have discovered a bit of a flaw in our posting schedule.  With the current plan, we tend to forget that the deadline is approaching until it’s on top of us because it’s so early on in the week, so we’ve been rushed to polish and post our entries.  In an effort to stave off that stressful tendency, beginning this week we will be posting new entries on Fridays instead.  Thanks for bearing with us, and for reading Aldaeus every week.  It means a lot to us, and we appreciate each one of you.  See you on Friday!

Aldaeus Launch Date

Ladies and gentlemen, set your calendars, tell your clocks, mark your friends! The Brothers Newton are pleased to announce the launch date for our serial sci-fi novel, Aldaeus.  Andrew will post the first entry on Monday, August 12th, and new entries will follow every Monday thereafter.  Keep your eyes open for bonus material between now and Monday, and we hope you’ll join us on the big day as we start off on this storytelling adventure.  We can’t wait to share it with you!